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Milestones was founded by a team of physicians and therapists who saw an unmet need to improve care for children with disabilities and neurological conditions in Hawaii.

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About Milestones

Children's Center

Living with a disability, neurological condition, or developmental delay can be a difficult road for children and their families. Milestones is your partner in this journey. We strive to be a center of excellence that helps children and families navigate the best care available. Through individualized medical care, therapeutic services, and family support, we help each child reach his or her own milestones.

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Neurodevelopment Program

Our center is open to children, from birth to age 18, with a range of neurological or behavioral conditions. We believe in treating the whole child. Our clinical practice looks beyond the behaviors of each child and strives to understand the underlying causes, whether neurological, environmental, or a combination. Identifying and addressing the root causes gives each child the best chance at long-term success.

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Autism Treatment Program

An average of one in sixty-eight children will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Milestones uses an integrated approach to therapy by emphasizing both language and behavioral strategies, ensuring that your child will experience functional improvements in the core deficits of autism spectrum disorder. Milestones will weave in family supports, and engage with schools to ensure the best outcomes for each individual child and his or her family.

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Behavioral Health Program

We know that the earlier children receive help with neurological or behavioral challenges, the better they do over the long term. Milestones will open its doors to children of all ages, but our Early Childhood program will partner with community resources and government agencies to provide early, appropriate diagnoses, and comprehensive transdisciplinary evaluation and management for children 0-5 years of age who are at risk for poor life outcomes due to fetal exposure to alcohol, drugs, or other toxic substances, or those with adverse childhood experiences. We are committed to improving the lives of Hawaii's most vulnerable children by giving them a better future, and inspiring the process of meaningful transformation in communities everywhere.

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Providing Excellent Care

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Milestones offers a number of comprehensive services to meet your family’s needs.

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Meet the Team

Building on the Strengths and Gifts of Each Child

An outstanding team of professionals dedicated to the care of your child. Milestones is comprised of a truly multidisciplinary team of physicians and therapists.


Help Support Children with Disabilities


About us

Pillars of Excellence

Milestones was founded in 2018 by a team of physicians and therapists who saw an opportunity and unmet need for a unified effort to improve care for children with disabilities and neurological conditions in Hawaii.

Our mission is to transform families’ lives by providing the highest quality assessment and treatment services for children and adolescents impacted by developmental, behavioral, and social/emotional challenges; and by leading research, professional, and workforce development efforts throughout Hawaii and the Pacific. Milestones is founded on the belief that every child has possibilities that inspire and enrich us all.

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Clinical Care

Our patients – and their families – come first. Our team-centered clinical approach combines accurate diagnoses with individualized treatment plans to help each child achieve his or her own milestones.



Research is an essential part of patient care. Our highly trained team seeks opportunities for research that advances care and expands the approaches and tools that improve children’s lives.


Community Outreach

We know most of your child’s care comes from outside of a doctor’s office. We aim to work with parent groups, primary care providers, community partners, schools, and government agencies to strive toward gold standard coordinated care.


Professional Development

We are dedicated to building the next generation of healthcare workers trained in neurological and behavioral health fields.


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